Top 10 Best Free Android Racing Games

Top 10 Best Free Android Racing Games
The touch feature for Android devices has resulted in innovate applications on its app market and it certainly applies to racing games with the swerving of the Android-powered device being able to determine the movement of the racing games. "Today sTechnology" has compiled a list of the top 10 best free Android racing games.

10. Car Conductor: Traffic Control

Car Conductor: Traffic Control is a self-explanatory game; players become a traffic conductor in order to guide cars to the right lane. Notable features for the app include:
  • Several themes included such as beach, village, city and town
  • Classic and Challenge game modes
  • Graphics are impressive

9. Trial Xtreme 2

Sequel to Trial Xtreme – which received downloads in the millions – Trial Xtreme 2 comes brimming with various new levels, in addition to delivering:
  • An accumulative of 36 levels
  • Openfient high-score support
  • Unity-powered graphics engine

8. HTR High Tech Racing

HTR, an abbreviation for High Tech Racing, is a slot car racing simulator that is based on the toys which released a few decades back. Features include:
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • A total of 18 tracks
  • 443 configurations can be applied to cars

7. Wave Blazer

There’s not too many powerboat games available on the Android app market that mirrors the quality of Wave Blazer; such is its quality to see the deliverance of:
  • 3D graphics
  • Cross-platform multiplayer mode
  • Online multiplayer component

6. Street Racing

Based on a fully-fledged multiplayer experience, Street Racing from creator Game Boss features several notable additions consisting of:
  • Characters can be built
  • Maintain the best cars acquired
  • Prestige points system

5. GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+

With GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+, players will have to undertake driving tests and win races to progress. As well as a detailed Career mode, the game’s key features entail:
  • 111 licensed cars available
  • A total of 26 manufacturers
  • GT Racing: Motor Academy leaderboards

4. Raging Thunder

A racer featuring cross-platform multiplayer, extreme muscle cars sees players racing against time, with other features for Raging Thunder being:
  • 3D graphics included
  • Controls are customizable
  • Draft, tackling and boost physics

3. Moto X Mayhem Lite

Utilizing accelerometer technology to balance the bike during gameplay, Moto X Mayhem Lite is one of the more quality dirt bike game by featuring:
  • Challenging terrains
  • Online scoreboards
  • Track completion times can be shared with friends

2. Crazy Snowboard

A great snowboard game at its core, Crazy Snowboard features addictive 3D snowboarding action by delivering 30 missions, as well as:
  • A total of 13 riders and boards
  • 16 grabs can be performed
  • In-air trick system feature

1. Drag Racing

Boasting realistic controls and an accumulative of over 50 cars, Drag Racing has received acclaim which is clearly evident via its success on the Android app market by receiving over 200,000 positive ratings. Features include:
  • Test drive cars before purchase
  • Online mode included
  • Customize and tune cars


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