Razer Project Fiona Gaming Tablet Review

Razer a name that defines gaming power with huge bunch of gaming peripherals which are born to provide the ultimate gaming experience recently unveiled their proud project Fiona gaming tablet at CES 2012 on January 10th.

Razer project Fiona is a gaming tablet concept which is designed to run today’s most popular pc games and with attached [non detachable] joystick’s on both sides that provide a precise control , it is clearly considered as the best gaming tablet ever designed.
Powered by third generation Intel Core i7 processor: [aka Ivy Bridge]
With a powerful Intel Core i7 [aka Ivy Bridge] Razer project Fiona gaming tablet is more like a pc rather than a tablet. Instead of casual games that run usually on every tablets Razer project Fiona gaming tablet is completely energized to run Full Fledged PC games that tablet world has never seen.
Runs Windows 8 OS:
Project Fiona gaming tablet will be coming out with hybrid windows 8 OS and is out of the box ready for PC games. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan exclusively highlighted the Ivy Bridge processing power and windows 8 gaming experience along with a little possibility of graphics chip from AMD or Nvidia.

Razer Fiona sports a 10.1 inch screen with 1,280×800-pixel resolution and comes with a highly sensitive touch screen. Tan also said that the battery life will be equal to that of a laptop, and won’t be like other tablets.
Designed to intensify the gaming experience:
It also comes with inbuilt accelerometers in the analog sticks that provide force feedback so that the gamer’s hands can feel everything from a explosion to gun shot. Razer Project Fiona gaming tablet is created to provide immerse gaming experience on a tablet, not only for the current pc games but also ensured for the future PC games.

Price and Release Date:
Razer project Fiona gaming tablet looks quite fat but feels lighter and is estimated to release in the Q4, 2012 under a price range of $1000.


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