Moving fuel from soda 'Rocket Car'

Formula One race cars used in the soda in the future - the candy runs out of fuel mixing will not be so surprised. Yes, some such act is done by Fritz Groß and Stephen Voltj. He Coke, Mentos candy and soda ready-mix liquid fuel produced by a car which is able to run 239 feet. The single-seater 'rocket car' nearly 100 more than the drives used for both. Groß and Voltj used in the past year, the rocket car was running about 220 feet, while much of the time they ride it about 20 feet a success. Voltj Groß and will continue to use it. If all goes well in the future just for fuel petrol, diesel is expected to reduce the dependence.ready for such a simple piston and cylinder Voltj said he added under a mechanical process. इसके बाद कार को गति देने के लिए ईंधन के तौर पर कोक जीरो और मेंटोस के साथ सोडा व कैंडी पावडर के मिश्रण का इस्तेमाल किया। ऐसे करती है काम इस प्रयोग में कोक जीरो, मेंटोस और सोडा के मिश्रण के चलते एक रासायनिक क्रिया होती है , called the nucleus. Mentos in the soda out of the process, the carbon dioxide quickly pulls his hand. Be the result of pressure seems to fly faster than soda.Bubbles in soda carbide oxide can also form on any surface, the pressure rises. Groß and Voltj artist by profession, Yale University, worked in the circus Groß. They are received by profession Krtbba Ê. Voltj the University of Massachusetts before the trial lawyer was a comic artist and used to entertain people on the streets. Do not repeat the experiment at home Voltj and Groß people using it at home is not advised.According to them it can be damaged by the high chemical activity.


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