Can turn mobile

To hear even if it were part of a science fantasy film, but it is true that in a few months we are turning to mobile phones to keep in pocket. Samsung and Nokia both are working on this technology. 4.4 inches wide and 3 mm long was only the thickness of the screen. The company will now use this to your mobile. This highly flexible screen material made ​​from carbon has been prepared Grefin name. It is an interesting fact that the light leaves the screen itself. Nokia is ready to launch mobile that can turn Nokia is preparing.Some time ago he had this technique demonstrated a prototype device. The prepared mobile different - different places it around the music and the video will be used to control many functions. What's Next: Using this technique will be used in other electronic gadgets. Of these, probably eye pads that can turn the first number of tablets to be styled. Also use this screen laptops and other expensive gadgets will be in the fall or other accident would not affect the screen.


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