Now dance to your tunes smartphone

Motion Control smartphone will launch next year a company of Israelis, the hand signal will be given the command. This technology driven TV, tablets and the car is being worked on. then you can not find the TV remote?Not to worry. According to the Israelis, the company soon Akstiar 3-D gestures of their hands by just changing the channel on the TV, including lowering his voice - will increase. For it to be just an indication of your palm on the screen. If Akstiar 3-D According to the Motion Control smartphones next year in the first half will come. What is the technology - Israelis firm, the technology on the strength of motion control device present is, that to some extent Microsoft's Kainekt gaming console is based on . Kainekt sensor, microphone and camera voice and control signals according to the game. In contrast, simple 2-D camera focuses Akstiar 3-D technology will offer the smartphone. Webcams like a camera using 2-D images into 3-D will control based on the smartphone.According to the company will work the camera in daylight. This technology not only affordable, but also decrease energy consumption. Moreover, it can be installed in any electronic device. Where - Where you used to - in addition to gaming, or change the TV channel will be used on personal computers. The technology of the PC in addition to other control Power Point presentation will be given. Moreover, this technique will work on GPS devices while driving. Except for 3D Akstiar Microsoft also plans to broaden its Kainekt technology and is working on. He has partnered with 200 companies from 20 countries, including Toyota, which individually sound and voice command technology to accommodate devices agree on. Apple in the race - sound control even if the dream of Steve Jobs, Apple TV be seen, but the company has gone to hell in a TV. Although Apple was thinking of the 'Through Technology' is patented. From one device to another device content can be transferred only with motion control. For example, user 'Through Technology "with the help of the tablets will be able to post content on the TV screen. and even more - the leading company in mobile chip Kwalcom Gascr Tech recently acquired Canadian firm. Kwolkam Gescr Tech developed technology, smartphones, e - reader and TV is working on making the motion control. However, the camera and will comprise of ultrasound technology. The Kainekt technology should be a distance of 50 cm. But just one technique of Kwolkam distance of 15 cm from the Motion will be given by the command. Can say that the day is approaching when the tv only hand gestures, smartphones and other electronic devices can be controlled.


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