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Top 10 Luxury Cars

1. Mercedes-Benz S ClassS65

AMG sedan, twin-turbo 6-liter V12 MRP $201,150
Total Five-Year Cost of Ownership: $233,731
Mercedes-Benz S Class

2. Mercedes-Benz CL Class

CL65 AMG coupe, twin-turbo 6-liter V12 MSRP: $207,170
Total Five-Year Cost of Ownership: $199,391
Mercedes-Benz CLS Class

3. Audi R8

5.2 coupe, 5.2-liter V10 MSRP: $155,100
Total Five-Year Cost of Ownership: $182,688
Audi R8

4. BMW 7-Series

760Li sedan, turbocharged 6-liter V12 MSRP: $136,600
Total Five-Year Cost of Ownership: $166,232
BMW 7-Series

5. BMW M6

Convertible, 5-liter V10 MSRP: $107,900
Total Five-Year Cost of Ownership: $141,501

6. Jaguar XJ

Supersport LWB sedan, supercharged 5-liter V8 MSRP: $114,150
Total Five-Year Cost of Ownership: $140,939
Jaguar XJ

7. Mercedes-Benz CLS Class

CLS63 AMG sedan, 6.3-liter V8 MSRP: $97,950
Total Five-Year Cost of Ownership: $137,804

Mercedes-Benz CL Class

8. Jaguar XK

XKR convertible, supercharged 5-liter V8 MSRP: $101,150
Total Five-Year Cost of Ownership: $128,458
Jaguar XK

9. Chevrolet Corvette

ZR3 coupe, 6.2-liter supercharged V8 MSRP: $116,880
Total Five-Year Cost of Ownership: $125,615
Chevrolet Corvette

10. Land Rover Range Rover

Supercharged 5-liter V8 MSRP: $94,275
Total Five-Year Cost of Ownership: $117,191
Land Rover Range Rover

Audi Avatar, Electric Supercar of the Year 2032

The Audi Avatar supercar concept is the wet dream of the computer generation, a design created by Edwin Conan (Yi Yuan) and a pretty nifty electric vehicle. Supposedly, this is the supercar of the year 2032, packing a very light and aerodynamic body and being able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in only 2.9 seconds.
The maximum speed of the Audi Avatar is 360 km/h and you should also know that this futuristic road racer comes with three bucket seats. What does this concept rely on? Well, it uses a “long range supercharge-ion battery”, that drives four in-wheel electric motors.
We’re wondering if this car is able to stay on the road at its max speed and not take off, but we guess that some aerodynamic feats stop it from flying against the driver’s will.

Top 10 Best Free Android Racing Games

Top 10 Best Free Android Racing Games
The touch feature for Android devices has resulted in innovate applications on its app market and it certainly applies to racing games with the swerving of the Android-powered device being able to determine the movement of the racing games. "Today sTechnology" has compiled a list of the top 10 best free Android racing games.

10. Car Conductor: Traffic Control

Car Conductor: Traffic Control is a self-explanatory game; players become a traffic conductor in order to guide cars to the right lane. Notable features for the app include:
  • Several themes included such as beach, village, city and town
  • Classic and Challenge game modes
  • Graphics are impressive

9. Trial Xtreme 2

Sequel to Trial Xtreme – which received downloads in the millions – Trial Xtreme 2 comes brimming with various new levels, in addition to delivering:
  • An accumulative of 36 levels
  • Openfient high-score support
  • Unity-powered graphics engine

8. HTR High Tech Racing

HTR, an abbreviation for High Tech Racing, is a slot car racing simulator that is based on the toys which released a few decades back. Features include:
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • A total of 18 tracks
  • 443 configurations can be applied to cars

7. Wave Blazer

There’s not too many powerboat games available on the Android app market that mirrors the quality of Wave Blazer; such is its quality to see the deliverance of:
  • 3D graphics
  • Cross-platform multiplayer mode
  • Online multiplayer component

6. Street Racing

Based on a fully-fledged multiplayer experience, Street Racing from creator Game Boss features several notable additions consisting of:
  • Characters can be built
  • Maintain the best cars acquired
  • Prestige points system

5. GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+

With GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+, players will have to undertake driving tests and win races to progress. As well as a detailed Career mode, the game’s key features entail:
  • 111 licensed cars available
  • A total of 26 manufacturers
  • GT Racing: Motor Academy leaderboards

4. Raging Thunder

A racer featuring cross-platform multiplayer, extreme muscle cars sees players racing against time, with other features for Raging Thunder being:
  • 3D graphics included
  • Controls are customizable
  • Draft, tackling and boost physics

3. Moto X Mayhem Lite

Utilizing accelerometer technology to balance the bike during gameplay, Moto X Mayhem Lite is one of the more quality dirt bike game by featuring:
  • Challenging terrains
  • Online scoreboards
  • Track completion times can be shared with friends

2. Crazy Snowboard

A great snowboard game at its core, Crazy Snowboard features addictive 3D snowboarding action by delivering 30 missions, as well as:
  • A total of 13 riders and boards
  • 16 grabs can be performed
  • In-air trick system feature

1. Drag Racing

Boasting realistic controls and an accumulative of over 50 cars, Drag Racing has received acclaim which is clearly evident via its success on the Android app market by receiving over 200,000 positive ratings. Features include:
  • Test drive cars before purchase
  • Online mode included
  • Customize and tune cars

Latest Cool Gadget for iPhone

Every invention that exists makes place for the upcoming innovations. Computer, Mobiles, Laptops and now iPhone are giving ways to new gadgets in market. As it is greatly observed that iPhone have been the leading fascination amongst youngsters during previous year, it obviously is expected that more and more accessories and cool gadgets will head to the market in coming years. ION audio has already grabbed iphone’s lovers’ attention, now the makers of iPhone gadgets are concentrating on such tools which may belong to productivity family of iPhone.

Ion Docs 2 go

The latest invention in iPhone market which has released this year is Ion DOCS 2 Go. It’s a portable scanner which is easy and light to be carried in your hand bag (well, a bit larger one). This cool gadget allows its users to scan any of the pictures, documents, prints of maximum A4 size in just a few seconds; it’s smart, quick and easy as it gets attached with your iPhone using a 30-pin dock connector. It works impressively with a high resolution scanning of 300 dpi. Ion Docs 2 go works with a specially designed application ‘iPics 2 go’ which lets users to see scans data on their iPhone. This application is available for free trial in Apple Application Market but its price is not announced yet.  It’s expected to get in your hands in about 60$ and especially photography addicts are keeping their fingers crossed waiting for this mini photo booth. iPics 2 go is capable to take pictures not only on slides and printed photos, but also negatives. WOW! Doesn’t that sound great fun?
This gadget uses iPhone cam and is available for iPhone’s latest models, iPhone4 and iPhone4S.

iWalk, Emerging Company in iphone gadgets:

TYLT Company has been offering quality gadgets and now the one that is emerging is iWalk. They have introduced lots of stuff that really means for iPhone gadget collectors.
  • Patent backup batteries available (ranging 800mAh-15,000 mAh in power).
  • World’s first Dual USB Car Charger with power switch.
  • World’s smallest sleek design rechargeable backup battery (800mAh) for iPhone+iPod.
  • Charging cable for iPhone+iPod with indicator light.
  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker, named ‘Sound Angle’.
It surely can be said that iWalk is a Treasure Chest for iPhone and iPod lovers. Their prices are also competitively affordable.

14 Incredible Motorcycle Concepts

Swordfish Motorcycle Concept

The Swordfish Motorcycle concept by Alexander Kotlyarevsky sports an aggressive futuristic design and hubless wheels. The overall look has interesting mix between curves and sharp angles that earn this bike its name.

Icare Bike Motorcycle Concept

If we had access to all the possible concept designs for Batman’s motorcycle the Icare Bike Concept would certainly be on the list. We could just imagine the Dark Knight leaning into a tight turn on this sleek black bike. Icare isn’t just a cool concept, but a real working design. It’s powered by a six-cylinder 1.8 liter Honda engine with dual exhaust. Right now it’s still up in the air whether or not it will go into production, but keep you fingers crossed.

Ferrari Motorcycle Concept

You may notice the presence of those cool looking hand controls… Well, they’re inspired by the “throttle quadrant of a F16 jet fighter”.
The above-mentioned PC helps control the suspensions of the vehicle, the driving mode and the tech stuff doesn’t end here, as this Ferrari bike’s got an anti theft device incorporated plus radio and GPS. On the motorcycle’s display you’ll be able to monitor all liquids and temperatures, so you’ll keep it safe, while keeping it sci-fi and cool.

Mach Ness Motorcycle Concept

Motorcycle manufacturer Arlen Ness crafted this metal monster powered by a gas-turbine helicopter engine. The aluminum outer shell with noticeably large rivets gives it a sort of steam punk edge that you just won’t get from carbon fiber and plastic. The body has been shaped entirely by hand, which lends to why it’s not being mass produced.

Rae Motorbike Concept

The Rae concept motorbike has been designed especially for young riders. This is a next-generation concept, which helps the riders to create their own style on the bike and position with great customizability. The concept has different customizable attributes.

Ghost Motorcycle Concept

The Ghost Motorcycle concept puts the rider in an aggressive forward position that feels incredibly fast. The design draws its inspiration from the speed demon Ghost Rider as well as a flying falcon.

Speed Racer Alien Motorcycle Concept

The folks over at Gizmodo kindly pointed out that the “Speed Racer” motorcycle concept by Dan Bailey looks like something that came out of the Aliens movies, and we have to agree. Based around the Kawasaki Ninja the bike has some solid foundations, but was designed to look intimidating yet sleek. There’s no word as to whether or not it will see production, but considering how bad ass it looks we hope it does.

Magic Tricycle Motorcycle Concept

The Magic Tricycle sounds like something your four year old daughter might drive in the back yard, but it’s actually an amazingly clever transforming motorcycle. When you’d rather be in a car, say on the highway for instance, it lies on its side and uses 3 wheels as sort of a car. But when you just want pure speed its stands upright with the third wheel on top, which supposedly helps keep it balanced.

nUCLEUS Motorcycle Concept

The nUCLEUS takes everything you think you know about motorcycle design and turns it on its side. Truly unlike any other bike design out there NONOBJECT designed this bike to stand on its own in terms of design rather than take inspiration from every other bike concept out there. When not in use the motorcycle looks like a weird box, but when in motion the wheels extend and the saddle rises, showing off its function.

ENERGYA Motorcycle Concept

As most will say , technically anything with 3 wheels or less qualifies as a motorcycle then technically the ENERGYA Motorcycle fits the bill. With two wheels in the front and two full seats it almost looks like a racecar, but it only has one rear wheel. The designer Higgins-AubĂ© actually calls it a “motomobile” since it’s sort of a car/motorcycle hybrid.

Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle Concept

The Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle may be the only motorcycle listed here that technically isn’t actually a motorcycle. Based on a Viper V-10 bike, it’s got a beefy 500 horsepower engine and 4 wheels. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration anything with more than 3 wheels on the ground doesn’t qualify as a motorcycle. That probably has something to do with why this beast of a bike never made it into mass production. Shame because this awesome machine is basically just an engine and some wheels that provide raw speed and power between your legs.

Scarab Motorcycle Concept

While the Scarab sounds like a bike you’d likely drive around in the desert it’s actually designed with urban situations in mind. The bike can adapt to sit completely upright while parked so it takes up as little space as possible in a crowded city parking lot. In fact you and 3 of your friends using scarabs can fit your motorcycles in a standard sized space for a car. Designer David Miguel Moreira Gonçalves envisions the Scarab to be used as a rental vehicle as a convenient and eco-friendly transpiration solution.

Jaguar M-Cycle Motorcycle Concept

The Jaguar concept by M-Cycles draws inspiration from the Jaguar car manufacturer logo. The bike measures 8 feet in length and features ebony lacquered fiberglass over stainless steel.

Halbo Future Duo-Wheel BMW Motorcycle Concept

If you’re looking for an incredibly small and fast motorcycle and could care less about your personal safety then we’ve got a bike for you. Designer Pierre Yohanes designed the Halbo for eco-minded people who want something compact and electric powered. The front wheel is stationary and the back tail turns, so it’s kind of like riding a motorboat.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos-Dual SIM QWERTY Android Phone

Samsung unveiled new Dual SIM version of its much successful entry level Android Smart Phone Samsung Galaxy Y,the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos.
The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos is a QWERTY keypad style smart phone with  2.6″ capacitive touch display.The Phone features GSM+GSM network support with dual standby.
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and has 3G and WiFi Connectivity Support.
Hers is an overview of the Specs of Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos :
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos features a 2.6″ capacitive touch screen display with 256k colors and 400 x 240 pixels.Although the resolution is quite generous for the display size the 256K colors is quite disappointing as colors looks washed out on the display.A 16M color display would have been more appropriate.
The processor is yet unknown but we are expecting it to have the same processor that is in the Samsung Galaxy Y viz a 832 Mhz one.
384 MB of RAM and 512 MB of ROM is given.The external memory is expandable upto 32 GB and you would get a 2 GB microSD card out of the box.
The 384 MB of ram is adequate and given with an 832 Mhz processor the device should perform lag free whine using phones inbuilt functionality and most of the apps  however for resource savy apps and games the phone would deliver a bit of an unpleasant experience.
Form Factor:
The phone is in a regular bar shape and dimensionally measure 110.8 x 63.5 x 11.9 mm and weigh 112 gms.With those dimensions and weight the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos is a great device to hold to.
Camera :
We have a 3.15 MP camera in the rear and a VGA camera in the front for your video calling needs.Like most of the cameras from Samsung,the 3.15 MP does a great job on its level.
Video recording can also be done but only upto QVGA resolutions @24 FPS.
The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos has WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and 3G HSDPA 7.2 MPBS support.The mobile has USB 2.0 slot and Bluetooth v3.0 as usual.
Sensors :
The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos has Accelerometer, proximity sensor and a compass.
Battery :
A decent 1350 mAh battery is provided which gives upto 4.5 hrs (2G) and 3 hrs (3G) talktime  and upto 3 days of standby in practical world.
Other Features:
The mobile supports A-GPS and WiFi hotspot.
Price :
The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos would be priced around 9000 INR.
Verdict :
The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos is a decent Dual SIM Android Smart Phone with dual standby feature and a really nice QWERTY keypad with comfortable oval shaped buttons.On the downside the display is still a 256K one and colors look pretty washed out but when it comes to narrowing down a good Android smart phone with Dual Sim and QWERTY pad for texting enthusiasts you cannot go wrong with Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos.

Razer Project Fiona Gaming Tablet Review

Razer a name that defines gaming power with huge bunch of gaming peripherals which are born to provide the ultimate gaming experience recently unveiled their proud project Fiona gaming tablet at CES 2012 on January 10th.

Razer project Fiona is a gaming tablet concept which is designed to run today’s most popular pc games and with attached [non detachable] joystick’s on both sides that provide a precise control , it is clearly considered as the best gaming tablet ever designed.
Powered by third generation Intel Core i7 processor: [aka Ivy Bridge]
With a powerful Intel Core i7 [aka Ivy Bridge] Razer project Fiona gaming tablet is more like a pc rather than a tablet. Instead of casual games that run usually on every tablets Razer project Fiona gaming tablet is completely energized to run Full Fledged PC games that tablet world has never seen.
Runs Windows 8 OS:
Project Fiona gaming tablet will be coming out with hybrid windows 8 OS and is out of the box ready for PC games. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan exclusively highlighted the Ivy Bridge processing power and windows 8 gaming experience along with a little possibility of graphics chip from AMD or Nvidia.

Razer Fiona sports a 10.1 inch screen with 1,280×800-pixel resolution and comes with a highly sensitive touch screen. Tan also said that the battery life will be equal to that of a laptop, and won’t be like other tablets.
Designed to intensify the gaming experience:
It also comes with inbuilt accelerometers in the analog sticks that provide force feedback so that the gamer’s hands can feel everything from a explosion to gun shot. Razer Project Fiona gaming tablet is created to provide immerse gaming experience on a tablet, not only for the current pc games but also ensured for the future PC games.

Price and Release Date:
Razer project Fiona gaming tablet looks quite fat but feels lighter and is estimated to release in the Q4, 2012 under a price range of $1000.