2012 will be special in terms of technology

Technology is changing very fast. This phone is for the tablet computer. And 2012 in terms of change of technology is going to be exciting for fans. Technology experts say new forms of technology will come out next year. That they will know what and how. Voice CommandiPhone debut in the Siri has been amazing this technology. Is expected to be controlled by voice commands and the device will hit next year. The technology for the command button, dial or eliminate the need to switch is made. See this happen and what it - what reforms reveals e-mail will be the reduction According to experts, e-mail will reduce dependence. Facilitating social networking sites and messaging device will be primary among them. Links to share data via smartphones and tablets are becoming easier.The reason why e-mail will be passe. hosted service , Google App through the Onlaiv gaming portal is hit by this trend. Some sites still have to deliver movies via live streaming. So this technique does not bother to download the movie. The next year instead of Dounloding will tend to take advantage of Host service. The online without download the App and software to work with them to be easily carried. App stores , the trend will catch even faster. Microsoft has confirmed the launch of the App Store. According to experts, rather than packaged software, the software application to the App Store would like. Window 8 - Touch It will be a trend. The dividing line between the tablet personal computers and Microsoft wants to end. This PC will touch screen feature. Notebook and tablet Ptegi of the gap. Crhrepan will emphasize on the NSE running the air such as tablets and Makbuk Altrabuk diluted with thinner devices to keep the path, which will catch up next year. Thinness of the winds will not just limited to tablet or PC, but the victim TVs, smartphones will come up.A giant mobile / TV companies set to present the lanky light in weight and has already started preparing.tablets, the stuff Samsung has recently introduced a refrigerator, a tablet computer in - is built. The lines in other devices - can be born with built tablet.


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