Can turn the TV

Scientists have developed a quantum dot, which will be made ​​from flexible television screen. Now you have 3 - D TV, forget it. Researchers have produced the light leaving the crystal, whose help will be possible to make extremely thin TV screen. The crystal quantum dots (qudi) has been named. What are the quantum dot: quantum dot size of the crystals implies a Lakven part of us is the equivalent of a hair. These extremely cheap semi - conductor is made ​​from materials which emit light on Altravoylet or electrical contact. Make changes to their size, the color of light can be controlled. 'll screen: Scientists at the highly flexible plastic sheets to print them has succeeded in creating a very thin display board. The display board will act as a screen.Made of flexible plastic, it can be molded into any shape not only, but can be placed anywhere to turn. How long does it: scientists expect that the quantum dot TV by the end of next year will be in the market. Although more flexible version will take a few more years to come.In fact, Quantum Dot TV will be like today's flat TV, but in terms of color and Crhrepan they will be better.What's next: Flexible display screens and wallpapers to the board room can also be printed. In that way the screen can be used. According to the scientists instead of plastic sheets before using any other material of innovation and have to run them.


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