Top 5 celebrity bikes in India

Bikes have always been extremely popular with celebrities all across the world. In India the story is no different. Here too, the rich and famous projects a style statement by riding on some of the coolest motorcycles around. In this article we will focus on five such celebrity motorcycles that have caught the attention of fans and haters alike.

1. John Abraham and his Light Foot:

This classic handmade bike was made by Rajputana Customs especially for this Bollywood heartthrob. John Abhraham’s love for bike is well-known. He has many a collections in his garage. But none matches the raw power and beauty of this beast. The design of this RE 500cc single-cylinder bike was inspired by American race bikes of the early 20th century.
John Abraham and his Light Foot

2. Arjun Khanna’s 1938 Norton:

Everybody knows Arjun Khanna’s love for fashion. But he is equally passionate about bikes. He owns a vintage 1938 Norton 500cc bike which dates back to the Pre World Wr II era. According to the bike’s owner, he bought the bike because of its history, design, engineering and sheer presence on the roads.
1938 Norton 500cc

3. Sanjay Dutt and his Harley-Davidson Fat Boy:

Everybody wants to own a Harley Davidson and Sanjay Dutt is no different. He gifted himself a Fat Boy earlier this year. Powered by a 1584cc engine, the Fat Boy is one mean machine on the road. This is the 2nd Fat Boy Sanju baba has bought for himself. The last one he had to sell off because he wasn’t ready to ride on it on the streets of Mumbai.
Sanjay Dutt and his Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Sanjay Dutt and his Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

4. Dhoni’s Yamaha RD350:

It’s not just film stars who have a passion for bikes. Even cricketers share that passion too. Captain Dhoni bought a rebuilt Yamaha RD350 because some cricketer used to ride it to practice. Well, that is what he said to the media.
Dhoni's Yamaha RD350

5. Arjun Khanna’s 1960 M20 BSA:

It’s Arjun Khanna and his love for vintage bikes again. This time it’s his 1960 M20 BSA that has made it to the chart. Khanna took the help of a Parsi gentleman and his mechanic to restore this baby to its original glory.
1960 M20 BSA


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