January, 2012 May See the Launch of the Motorola XT615 in India

The midrange Android based Motorola handset, the Motorola XT615 was launched in China only a few days back. Indian mobile users, especially the fans of Motorola mobiles were eager to know the launch date of this new phone in the Indian market. Going by reports of the website Mobile Indian, it can be stated that the Indians will not need to wait for a long time for getting this phone into their pockets. The company is all set to launch the Motorola XT615 in India by next year January. It is also anticipated that the handset will be priced at Rs. 17,500.
The operating system included in this new Motorola model would be Google’s Androidv2.3 Gingerbread and the users will be greeted with the extremely user friendly Moto Switch UI. The phone will be equipped with a processor of 800MHz. The slim frame (the thickness of the phone’s frame is only 9.8 mm) of the phone gives it an attractive and smart look. However, the screen of the phone is moderately wide; the mobile sports a careen of 4 inches.
Motorola XT615
Does the Motorola XT615 carry an impressive camera? The answer would surely be ‘yes’. The 8 MP camera of the phone is supported by features like LED flash. There’s also a lanyard hole, which the users can use for attaching their keychains.
We have mentioned earlier that Mobile Indian has suggested that this phone would be available in India against a price of Rs. 17,500; however, this might not be possible because Motorola XT615 is sold in Taiwan against an official price of NTD $10,900, which is approximately Rs. 18,800. There are not many instances, where a phone is made available in India at a price lower than its price in Taiwan. However, if Motorola want to offer steep competition to other contemporaries like Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo-Vs and Samsung Galaxy SLs with this new handset, they should not tag it with a price more than Rs. 17,500.


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