The Top 10 Social Networks of 2011 - Pass in review from 5 Top reviewing websites

#1 - Facebook

Facebook come's in at number 1 all time best social network according to many web sources claiming its hot position, based on web stats & overall popularity worldwide.

#2 - Google Plus

Back this past summer in June Google+ was released to the public by the one and only Google, (search engine extraordinaire) & is yet another new addition to to the social networking frenzy on the web. They get the hot spot of number 2 in most web researchers books today, due to the fact in their first month of launch they acquired 50 million members, which literally trumped that of any social networks growth rate period since initial launch onto the world wide web.

#3 Twitter

Twitter is something of a social networking phenomenon & has made it possible for the average person to share thoughts with the likes of celebrities and many more interesting mega popular people worldwide. Especially those of which have been using the web to build a huge fan base, many of which haven't done previously to joining twitter. The web have evolved for sure in a short period of time literally redirecting traditional pathways for most communicative media platforms.

# 4 Bebo

Bebo has the fourth position in my book, but I truly have no personal knowledge of this social network. I haven't signed up to it but I think what makes it even more capable of surviving with the rest due to the fact that AOL has bought them out, & they've had a great response in the United Kingdom giving the others a run for their money.

#5 Youtube

Who would have known that after some smart connections & a unique system for uploading videos unto a server, that a cool network on the web known as Youtube would become the go to location for making video content spread across the globe, and now in many viral ways. Youtube also by having social features has made the all time best list when it comes to video rendering & and establishing global presence like no other network known to man today. Powerful is an understatement & it's obvious why Google invested a great deal of their capitol into it taking eventual ownership of the company.

#6 hi5

Here's another social network that has made it to the allstar position & into the 2011 social network hall of fame hi5 taking an international presence unlike many other social networks. They were smart in making moves early to establish themselves as a powerful international mufti-language platform allowing for maximized user interaction worldwide.

#7 Linkedin

The #1 professional social network hands down is Linkedin, they easily have made themselves known worldwide as a world class communicative tool for business pro's. Companies use linkedin to scout for potential employees & employees do the same to locate jobs, classmates find on another, and so many other functional usages of Linkedin which also allows for complete verification of each users resume contact info as well.

#8 Friendster

Coming in at number 9 is a social network that even myspace had borrowed some idea's from many years back, but today they still manage to maintain a strong presence and grip in the social networking arena.

# 9 Orkut

Google actually has another social networking web site that even is somewhat a multicultural component of Google, they purchased Orkut from a Brazilian company many years back which is reason for the massive percentage of members from that region, it has a huge presence, but now with Google+ it may prove to be no purpose to it all very soon in 2012.

#10 Myspace

Even though myspace hasn't been on everyone's lips it's still within the Top 10 of major social networks on the web & stands firm as it makes way for the new year to come, myspace has become a totally new social media type network as opposed to the social sharing type, as it had initially started out many years back. They have some catching up to do if their to think of catching either Google+ or the infamous Facebook which almost slaughtered it about 4 years ago.


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