Future of Indian Automobiles – The In-Rapido concept

With thousands of new cars being bought every week by the Indian household, the congestion and tragic on the Indian roads is ever increasing, and unless a solution is found, this problem will one day reach breaking point. Finally, all prayers have been answered.   Hopefully by 2016, Indian commuters will no longer have to bear with the long traffic jams, congested roads all the while looking uber stylish and save on fuel costs, thanks to the In-Rapido designed by Indian Designer, Harsha Kogod.
The In-Rapido, or Indian Rapid, is something straight out of a futuristic book or movie, with its stylish and streamlined looks. It runs on fuel cells, the new face of green energy, that are definitely less polluting and also with the ever increasing leaps that technology is taking, are becoming more and more efficient with greater power generation, though that could take some time, but till then there could be a battery powered version. Though many may be reminded of the Renault Twizy, on reading about the In-Rapidos concept, but this definitely leagues ahead. It will be perfect for single car families that are looking for a fast, compact and efficient means of transport without having to worry about the hassles of parking and fuel prices. The style statement only adds to the overall quotient of this vehicle.
Future of Indian Automobiles – The In-Rapido concept
Riding an In-Rapido is like riding a motorcycle, albeit a more comfortable one. There are no doors, which help in reducing the parking space required and also give it a more streamlined look. There are cameras in the cockpit, so that the driver has full rear view while parking, night vision for the many Indian roads without lighting, a warning system for collisions, pedestrian detection technologies and an adaptive cruise control. The In-Rapido has clearly been designed with the aim of giving the driver ultimate comfort. It is definitely an Intelligent Vehicle.


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