Top 10 Best Flash Websites of 2011

Top 10 Best Flash Websites of 2011

Below are the rankings of the top 10 best flash websites of 2011. We have ranked them based on their freshness in innovation, brave technological uniqueness, visual awe, personality, and navigation simplicity. This is by far one of our favorite lists to compile each year, and our mission is to showcase cutting edge creativity, regardless of the medium or technology used. These are obviously Flash websites, but they are certainly complemented with advanced coding in HTML, XHTML, CSS, HTML5, Unity 3D, Away3D, etc. After reconstructing their entire site a few months ago, JetBlue has joined the likes of 2-Advanced and Good By Silverstein as one of the top flash websites this year.

#1 | 2-Advanced

2-Advanced is a world-renowned interactive design and advertising studio. Services include site design, multimedia creation, flash illustration, SEO development and building corporate identity. Site features a beautiful, lush and futuristic Aztec-themed multimedia environment.

#2 | Jet Blue

Jet Blue has taken flash interactivity to a new level with a beautifully displayed flash website that features simplistic navigation, visual enticement, smooth video page transitions, almost zero loading time, and colorful and creative advertising segments. Also features professionally-developed interactive route maps, video testimonies and 3D virtual tours of airports and new Jet Blue airplane models. Nothing short of a success in its web presence and presentation here. Worth a look!

#3 | Good By Silverstein & Partners

Good By Silverstein is an award-winning ad agency, specializing in creative digital, print, broadcast & integrated media planning. They are located in San Francisco, with over 500 employees and clients that include Got Milk?, Hewlett-Packard, Frito-Lay/Pepsi-Co., Sprint, Yahoo!, Nintendo, Denny’s, the National Basketball Association, Netflix, Adobe, and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The agency was founded in 1983 as Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein by Jeff Goodby, Andy Berlin and Rich Silverstein and, after just six years, was named Advertising Age’s “Agency of the Year.” Andy Berlin left in 1992 and the agency was renamed. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners is one of the most awarded creative agencies in the world, having been named “Agency of the Decade” by Adweek Magazine in 2009, and repeatedly cited “Agency of the Year” by advertising industry trade publications such as AdWeek, Advertising Age, Creativity and Boards. The agency is often credited with being the first blue-chip national agency to successfully navigate the transition from print and television creative to digital, which culminated in being named “Digital Agency of the Year” by Advertising Age magazine in 2006 and the One Club in 2009. Goodby and Silverstein were also named Adweek Magazine’s “Executives of the Decade” in 2009.

#4 | This is Athens

Athens is the capital and largest city in Greece. This is Athens is an interactive photography database where users can upload images of their favorite places in the city and help create the largest photo collection of Athens ever made. The breathtaking collage gives an amazing portrayal of one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

#5 | Coca-Cola Happiness Factory

See what it’s like to be a worker in the Coca-Cola Happiness Factory and help deliver bottles of Coke through interactive gameplay. As a penguine-like character you take a fun bobsleigh ride through an artic glacier and you collect bottles of coke to keep your energy level up and eventually deliver to children. Features play-along soundtrack by Cee-Lo and other mainstream artists. The flash game corresponds with Coke’s Happiness Factory advertising series, which started in 2006. The ads show animated characters who make Coca-Cola in a magical land inside the vending machine and in the latest version, both the human purchaser and the Happiness Factory workers are tired and in need of the uplifting effect of a Coke.

#6 | Wonder Wall Inc.

Wonderwall is an interior design firm established by Masamichi Katayama. Its portfolio includes commercial spaces such as retail spaces, restaurants and bars, as well as office showrooms and building complexes that are distinctly unique in design and yet attentive to function.

#7 | Seven Edge Interactive Media

Sevenedge Interactive Media is one of the world’s premier web design and advertising agency. They provide market cutting-edge interactive and digital advertising products and services by integrating cutting-edge interactive technology.

#8 | Saab: Change Perspective

Originally manufacturing aeroplanes, Saab sought ways in which to diversify its business and in the late 1940s began manufacturing cars. The company soon developed a reputation for safe and reliable cars, with a notable competition history. This flash website features a clean interactive (literally hands-on) experience where users can manipulate objects on the page in creative ways. Includes fun facts, figures and history about Saab. Beautiful website with a smooth pristine design.

#9 | Porliniers (Ricardo Siri Liniers)

Ricardo Siri Liniers, better known by the name Liniers, is an Argentine cartoonist. Liniers is known not only for his excellent artistic quality, but for his bright creativity and ability to make us laugh through simplistic illustrations. Liniers currently divides his time between the completion of his daily strip “Macanudo“ (his monthly strip for the magazine Hecho en Buenos Aires), his exclusive strips telling facts of daily life (published in the weekly magazine Cultural DNA of La NaciĆ³n), and he also goes on tour with the musician Kevin Johansen. Two two have developed a very special show in which Johansen performs while Liniers does his painting representing what is told in songs. His comics are simple and direct to the point of sometimes seeming wide-eyed and wet behind the ears, but there is a candor that comes with his sincerity and a savage wit that lurks just under the surface.

#10 | Milk Sono Advertising

Milk is an award-winning full service advertising agency based in South Norwalk CT. They pride themselves on being emotionally fueled, creatively driven, and focused on getting brands into the minds, hearts, and hands of consumers. Milk focuses on (re)evolution. They have been the winners of 55 Connecticut Ad Club Awards.


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