Nokia showed off a new concept phone at Nokia World 2011, and the most technical way to describe is, well, bendy. Unlike some of the phones Nokia was unveiling, the Kinetic is not a touchscreen, users interact with the OLED flexible display by twisting and bending. Nokia isn’t the first company to think about designing a flexible phone, but they are the first to display a usable prototype even thought it’s being reported that they have no plans to sell it.
Here’s how it works, to zoom in and out of photos the phone must be twisted in and out, another outward twist takes you to the menu. Sliding through screens requires a twist of the sides to scroll through options. There isn’t even a button for selecting, to choose something the phone must be bent inward. It’s hard to get a visual of how it works with text, check out this video:

In certain circumstances a phone like this could be useful, say during the cold winter months when wearing gloves or as PCWorld mentions, playing racing games where the display can be flexed to steer and bowed for acceleration and brake. The phone would be less friendly to those who like to multitask with their phones because two hands are needed to interact with it.


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