Smart phone book

Ilshat Garipov by Russian designer to visualize the future, smart phones (smart phones booklet) Folding type mobile phone book brought inspiration from the book.the same function alone as an independent player in a separate page, the page can be. Music, video, photos, etc. All information is stored in the cloud server, so help is only a carrier, if you wear the phone book, easy transfer of information and set up a new blank phone book amount of wear from recycled and biodegradable be.
Is so powerful, so attractive the face of mobile phones, said that even if we imagine it, where to buy many of my friends I'm afraid to ask? Designers responded: So, you can buy anything. But the concept does not mean impossible, it is envisaged in the phone book "smart" nanoparticles will use the production, and energy is vibration your pocket or sun, and the temperature of this particular material Learning in the field of intensive research by scientists in the near future could make this concept.


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