Best Games for Android ICS Smartphones

Those who use Android 4.0 Ice-cream Sandwich ICS and Smartphones get ready to use the most wanted Top 10 Free HD Games that ranked and developed by Gameloft. These games are collected from the-always-popular Google PLAY Android Market and some others. All the best games at one place is a highly beneficial thing that you get. So grab the benefit and check what your game is!!

The games being high-end graphic ones will run on powerful devices like those having single/dual core processors + GPU graphics say Adreno 200, 205, ULP Geforce, SGX 540, Dual Mali-400 MP, etc. and if you have a screen size > 4”, that is aa amazingly great bonus. These games run really smooth on Android 4.0 ICS Tablets as well. All that is required is an simple internet connection offering 1Mbps or more.

Android ICS Game 1: 9mm

9MM Android Game
This one is an action game and has got High Definition Graphics. The game is to be played against many ‘Gangs’ that supposedly are trying to kill you without actually knowing the things they do. The game has a special team of cops. The cops are hardened and to destroy evil they may even go against law. The game will definitely hold you and you would simply love the way it is designed.

Android ICS Game 2: Six-Guns

Six-Guns Android Game
This one is a mysterious + adventurous game. It has Cowboys, Bandits and many unnatural opponents. The game is a 3rd shooter game. Players increase their enemy count while playing the game. The character of the game Buck Crosshaw shoots all those who deserve to die. In the game the situation makes him to fake his death and in-turn escape to Arizona. If he crosses one evil, he meets another and that goes along the levels of the game. The area where the story is designed is ancient and is supposed to have some wicked force in that hilly region.

Android ICS Game 3: N.O.V.A. 2 (Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance)

N.O.V.A. 2 Android Game
The game is for all those fans of sci-fi. The game has the best science-fiction FPS + thrilling action. Mind that the game app has 450 MB files to install. One will definitely praise the graphics, and the smoothness of the game while playing this on a mobile as there have been none discovered with such graphics. They give the game 3D look that is just amazing to use.

Android ICS Game 4: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Android Game
Are you the one who is crazy after racing?? Here is your game. The driving skills you possess will definitely help you in the game. And those who lack driving skills need a better practice hand at driving. To win it, the racer needs to escape or to leave behind other cars to achieve the 1st position. Also the player needs to run faster than the cops in high-speed inspectors like Lamborghini Reventon. Get ready to experience the mystery and action at the same stunning quality.

Android ICS Game 5: Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III Andriod Game
GTA III !! Many of you must a fan of this game. This game is available for Android devices now, courtesy: Rockstar Games. The game runs butter-smooth on the devices. You will definitely get involved in the game while stealing the car, while hitting people with variety of objects and just do as you desire. The game involves you so much into it that you keep playing for countless hours.

Android ICS Game 6: Modern Combat 2 – Black Pegasus

Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus Andriod Game
The action game adds to the list of best action games over the world. The game is story of fight between you and evil and commanders. Enjoy and complete all the mission levels of the game to unlock a secret mission of the game. It is an improved form of first Modern Combat and modernized to offer modern war.

Android ICS Game 7: Gangstar Rio – City of Saints

Gangstar Rio City of Saints Android Game
Almost similar to GTA III, the game offers you an experience of a gangster’s life. Everything that a gangster uses and does are in the game, say bikes, cars, gadgets, plans, plots, etc. The game is on Rio de Janerio city and the developers of the game are Gameloft.

Android ICS Game 8: GT Racing – Motor Academy Free+

GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+
The people who love to race have good news for them. This game is completely FREE and costs nothing. Enhance your driving skills and use them in the best way to win the race. This game makes the player to play for continuous long hours without break. In case you want your game to unlock at fastest possible speed, you will need to buy from the game- XP multipliers along with the credit packs.

Android ICS Game 9: SHADOWGUN

IGN, a very famous community offering gaming reviews, developed a 3rd person game – Shadow gun HD. The story of the game revolves around Dr. Edgar Simon. This doctor is doing research in creating a mutant army that would control the globe with evil plans. The player plays a role of hero and aims to destroy this doctor along with his mutants. The hero is named as John Slade who has Big Muscles and keeps highly advanced weapons. The game comes enriched with options like covering, hiding, killing cyborgs, battle droids and many more. This fascinating game is easily available and highly recommended.

Android ICS Game 10: BackStab

BackStab Android ICS Game
This one is again a choice for action-fans. The action game has great smoothness and the sound animation is stunning. Courtesy : Gameloft team. The story tells us that the hero Henry Blake is broken after the life trashed him, and he has choosen the path towards justice and revenge.


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