How to Increase Internal Phone Memory of Samsung Galaxy Y - S5360

Error message when internal memory is full.

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As you all know the Samsung Galaxy Young has very low internal memory unlike the bigger smartphones out there with gigabytes of space while our little Y has only 160MB.
Sometimes it can be a huge pain when some apps install on your memory and you keep getting messages like "insufficent memory available" or "uninstall some applications", sometimes you even get notifications on the screen such as "internal memory nearly full", etc.

All you need for this procedure is an SD card with some memory you are willing to sacrifice of, ClockworkMod recovery to help us partition the SD card, Link2SD to move the apps automatically to the 2nd partition (this option is enabled by default) and ofcourse, a rooted phone.

Before everything, please make a complete backup of your files from your SD card to some folder in your computer.

Download CWM - Click here
Download Link2SD from the Play Store:
Once you downloaded CWM on your sd card and installed Link2SD, proceed with the video instructions:

And that is how you partition your SD card to get more memory for your apps.


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