HTC Radar Unveiled for Indian Users

After revealing its inexpensive Android smartphone in September, HTC has now announced the launch of another handset. This new phone is also included in the company’s growing collection of smartphones. However, unlike the previous launch, which had Android OS this HTC smartphone has Window’s Phone 7.5 Mango, a product of Microsoft as its operating system. The company has code named this new handset as the HTC Radar and it is the first mobile launched on Indian soil that runs on Window’s Phone 7.5 Mango.
Let us now get acquainted with some of the most notable features of the HTC Radar. It boasts a touch screen having resolution of 480 * 800 pixels and measurement of 3.8 inches. The new OS embedded in this mobile phone comes with a wide array of fresh specifications.
Besides that the phone is equipped with a Scorpion processor of 1GHz and a RAM of 512 MB. Another prominent feature included in this HTC phone is the MS M8255 Snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm. The phone’s internal storage capacity is of 8 GB; but, the user can only access 6.54 GB out of it. However, if required, the user can increase the memory by incorporating an additional storage space of 25 GB using MS Sky Drive.
HTC Radar
HTC Radar also possesses impressive camera features. The 5MP rear camera embedded in it has F2.2 lens, BSI sensor and LED flash. The BSI sensor makes the camera equally functional even in low light. The camera can capture high definition video at 720-pixel. Besides this rear camera, Radar also has a VGA camera in its front.
The HTC Radar has metallic body having dimensions of 120.5 mm x 61.5 mm x 10.9 mm; its approximate weight is 137 g. Now, let’s check out the battery specifications of the phone. HTC Radars come with 1,520 mAh batteries. According to facts presented by the manufacturers, these batteries offer talk time of around 10 hours and standby time of around 480 hours.
HTC Radar is also equipped with features like Bing Maps, HTC locations and GPS antenna; these traits of the phone make it an ideal device for people going to unknown destinations. Users can also access FM radio on this device. The connectivity features included in this mobile phone are: 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


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